Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Situations can vary, whether a person is charged with a violent offense or something drug related, criminal charges can be tough to face. The most important decision a person can make regarding their future is hiring the right Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers. Here are some tips on things to look for when making a choice for legal representation.

Experience in this Field

Clearly, a person doesn’t want a lawyer that specializes in estate planning or tax law to handle their criminal case. Make sure to find a criminal defense attorney, preferably one that has extensive experience in the specific charge that is being faced. This could be anything from assault to drugs, or anything in between. Also, make sure the attorney has had plenty of courtroom experience. This will be critical if the case goes to trial.

Excellent Reputation

Do some homework and check any potential attorneys’ certifications with the particular state’s board prior to retaining their services. Ask if any disciplinary action has ever been taken against them. Don’t be shy about asking for references. Any reputable firm will be happy to share testimonials from prior clients. This can give a person an idea of what to expect moving forward.

Plenty of Resources

When meeting with a lawyer for the first time, go ahead and ask who in the firm will be doing the legwork and handling the case. Hopefully there will be multiple people assigned to the task. When the time comes to prepare for criminal defense, it is a big undertaking that requires a lot of research and examination. There is a great deal of information involved. Things like police reports, forensic information and witness testimonies. It is important that the firm be up to this task.

If you or a family member is in need of a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, Contact Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP for a free criminal case review. The attorneys here have dedicated their practice to defending and preserving the rights of those charged with misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses since 1987. The legal defense team has over 70 years of combined criminal law experience in California.